The New Agorist Economy

Note:   This is the latest version of the Table of Contents first published in October 2014, which will be reorganized and expanded as progress is made on the book.  It’s a very rough draft, with much of the final content still in the form of placeholders ie. [*Insert some material here*].  Some chapters are missing entire subsections. Although the date of the post will stay the same, the organization will be revised from time to time and chapter files constantly updated to include the latest edits. The date of most recent editing will always be at the end of the text or pdf file of each chapter. The author suggests making annotations and corrections as you read using open source desktop publishing software and submitting changes through the contact form on the Contribute page using the procedure described in the Table of Contents section. Most of this paragraph was borrowed from Kevin Carson.

Table of Contents (.odt)

[un]License (.odt)

I. Agorist Philosophy (.odt)




II. Agorist Markets (.odt)

Grey Markets

Black Markets

Agorism On The Grid

III. The Agorist’s Toolkit (.odt)


P2P Technology

Urban Farming

Micro Manufacturing

Alternative Energy


IV. Agorist Tactics

Meatspace vs. The Internet

Leave No Trace


Learning from the Undocumented


Starve The Beast

V. Mitigating Threats to the Agora

Criminal Attacks


Natural Disasters

Closing Thoughts on the Future of Liberty